• Hair Styling
  • Four Hand Massage
  • Full Body Moisturising Exfoliation
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Waxing
  • Eye Treatments
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Nail Enhancement
  • LPG Endermologie
  • Specialised Treatments
  • Facial Treatments
  • DECLÉOR Body Treatments

  • Hair Styling



       Short  Medium  Long
     Women's Blow Dry  £25.00  £30.00  £35.00
     Evening Hair Up    £40.00  £50.00
     Women's Wash, Cut & Finish  £45.00  £50.00  £55.00
     Full Head Tint  £50.00  £70.00  £100.00
     CHI Amonia Free Hair Colour  £60.00  £85.00  £115.00
     Tonner  £40.00  £40.00  £40.00
     Half Head Highlights / Lowlights  £50.00  £65.00  £90.00
     Full Head Highlights / Lowlights  £70.00  £90.00  £120.00
     Men's Wash, Cut & Finish  £20.00  £25.00  £30.00





    Full Body Moisturising Exfoliation and Relaxing Massage

    Exfoliation for the entire body. This indulgent and skin soothing treatment is ideal for those suffering from stress or tension - not only does it relieve aching muscles, but promotes a healthy sleep and rejuvenated energy levels. The scrub is removing dead skin, living silky soft new skin.




    Hot Stone Massage


    Find your healing hot spots. Stone massage therapy uses the smoth surface and weight of alternately hot and cold stones to ease and tease your body into a blissful state of relaxation.

    It's fast becoming one of the most popular massage treatments, party because it feels so unique and partly because the varying temperatures of the stones can be used to treat a number of common complaints. For example, if you suffer from muscular aches, rheumatism, arthritic pain, stress or insomnia then a stone massage could help to put the spring back in your step. You may never look at rockery in same way again.


    £70.00| 1hour


    Classic Relaxing Massage

    This wonderfully relaxing massage technique uses light to medium pressure and smooth sweeping strokes to increase circulation, relive tension, restore energy and create a sense of well being.

    This massage is perfect for those who don't enjoy deep pressure or are new to massage.


    £65.00| 1 hour


    Back, Neck & Shoulders Relief

    When streeses and strains are at their peak, this treatment offers a quick release. Vulnerable areas of the back, neck and shoulders, where tension accumulates, are instantly relaxed.

    £40.00 | 35 min 



    The unique roller system allows for a fast
    and hygienic treatment every time.

    Full leg Wax | £30.00
    Half Leg Wax | £20.00
    Bikini line Wax | £20.00
    Brazilian Wax | £36.00
    Hollywood Wax | £40.00
    Underarm wax | £14.00
    Full Leg & Bikini line | £45.00
    Lip Wax | £10.00
    Chin Wax | £10.00
    Full Arm Wax | £20.00
    Half Arm Wax | £15.00
    Eyebrow Wax | £10.00

    We are using HOT Wax for gentle areas!!!


    Eye Treatments

    Eyelash Tint | £12.00
    Eyebrow Tint | £12.00
    Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint | £16.00





    • Shape & Polish | £14.00 
    • Manicure | £21.00

    Suitable for regular maintenance of your hands in perfect order.

    • Deluxe machine manicure  | £26.00

    Full treatment including use of Diamond caps to remove the hard skin.

    • Luxury manicure with Hot Oil Therapy| £34.00

    Pure indulgence for the hands, this treatment will leave you with beautiful nails and soft, smooth hands. A deep conditioning treatment with heated mitts will soften and revitalize your skin.

    •  French nail polish | £6.00
    •  French fingernails & toenails polish | £10.00
    • Gelish nail polish | £18.00 

    Is perfect, chip-free, extended wear, high-gloss shine. it requires no drying time.

    • Gelish polish removal | £8.00 (free if you had it done at our place)
    •   Paraffin or Hot Oil Treatment | £15.00 now £9.00


    Hot Oil treatment helps the dry, problematic, gel or acrylic damaged  nails, cracked cuticles. Deep moisture from rich of vitamins oil formula.


    •   Classic Pedicure with foot callus tretment | £35.00
    •   Deluxe Machine Pedicure | £40.00

    Hard dry skin removal bringing new health skin to the surface followed by intensive moisturizing cream.

    •  Luxury Pedicure with Paraffin Therapy | £50.00

    In addition to a full feet and toenails treatment you will get a pleasure of lower leg Massage followed by a deep conditioning treatment with heated booties to soften and revitalize your feet. 

    •    French toenails polish | £5.00
    •    Gelish toenails polish | £18.00 
    •    Gelisn toenail polish removal | £8.00 (free if you had it done at our place)
    •    Paraffin Treatment | £15.00


    • Classic Manicure & Pedicure | Special offer £46.00
    • Deluxe Machine Manicure & Pedicure | Special offer £55.00





    LPG Endermologie

    A revolutionary non-invasive technique for combating cellulite
    and re-shaping the body and face lift.
    5 sessions now only          £200.00  
    11 sessions now only        £385.00

    Single Session | £55.00


    LPG Endermologie for Face

    Single Session | £55.00 (only LPG face lift 35 min)

    Course of 5 sessions | £200.00 (incl. LPG Facelift, facial massage, mask - 1 hr each)



    Specialised Treatments

    Botox | POA



    Facial Treatments

    • EXPRESS FACIAL - up to 40 min                                              £40.00

    Cleasing, Toning, Exfoliation, Ultrasound Scrubbing, Moisturising

    • PRESCRIPTION FACIAL - up to 1hr 20 min                                £60.00

    Cleansing, Toning, Exfoliation, Massage, Mask for skin type

    • DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL - up to 1 hr 20 min                           £75.00

    Clensing, Toning, Exfoliation, Ultrasound Cleansing, Extraction or Microdermabrasion, Calming Mask

    • ANTI-AGEING CALMING TREATMENT - up to 1hr 20 min           £75.00

    Relaxing Welcoma Massage, Cell Dynamisation, Comforting Sculpting Massage, Plumbing and Calming Mask

    • RADIANCE RENEWING TREATMENT - up to 1hr 20 min           £79.00   

    For Smooth, Plump, Radiant and Glowing Skin - Combining 20% Vitamin C and 100% COLLAGEN. This treatment gives instant result and long term anti-ageing efficacy. Recommended course of 4 sessions.


    New Diamond 5 in 1 Microdermabrasion Professional Salon Beauty Equipment Combining the Latest Technologies in One System

    Giving the therapist the flexibility and choice to deliver 16 separate or a combination of treatments tailor made to suit OUR client's individual needs

    • Ultimate Treatment     £75.00    
    1. Hot Compress
    2. Skin Scrubber
    3. Diamond Microdermabrasion
    4. Cold Compress
    5. Ultrasonic Scrubber pushes product into skin
    6. Ultrasonic for fine lines and wrinkles


    Ultimate Diamond Dermabrasion
    Diamond Dermabrasion is a revolutionary cosmetic treatment system that can rejuvenate
    age-damaged skin and improve skin texture which reduces depth of wrinkles, regenerates
    skin tissues and is highly effective for other skin problems.
    Super Ultrasound Deep Cleanser
    This ultrasonic deep skin cleanser provides a safe painless and perfect physiological skin regeneration treatment which employs a variety of currents, to produce vibrations with a frequency of 28,000 times per second to help out inpurities from deep within the pores. It also has the ability to penetrate and activate skin cells under the skin providing radiant glow to the skin. This treatment also provides the following benefits:
    - Reduces pigmentation marks
    - Reduces wrinkles
    - Helps to cool and calm acne skins
    - Removes dead skin cells
    - Rejuvenates the skin to a new and healthy glow


    Terms and Conditions / Cancellation Policy
    As a courtesy to our Therapists and other Client we require at least 48 hours notice should you need to cancel or rearrange an appointment.
    Less than 48 hours notice of cancellation - 50% of the treatment cost will be charged.



    Prices correct at time of publication. E&OE.

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